The Pye Foundation

Registered UK Charity  Number 267851

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Welcome to the website of The Pye Foundation, based in the city of Cambridge, UK.

A lasting legacy to one of the founding technology companies of the "Cambridge Phenomenon"

The Pye Foundation is a grant making charity.

Our prime objective is to ensure strong social and welfare support is available to ex-employees of the Pye and Philips businesses, primarily in East Anglia. We work closely with and provide funding to the pensioner-oriented Pye Association.

In addition, we aim to provide financial support to local charitable activities that, in many different ways, provide benefits and enhance social cohesion in the local community where these ex-employees and their families live.

Our policy is to provide modest long-term support to a range of selected charities that tend to work with specific client groups, whether young or old, and frequently disadvantaged.

After the sales and closures of its many businesses, the company ceased to be a locally based employer in the early 2000s and consequently the number of ex-employees is dwindling. It is foreseen that in the future, the focus of the Foundation will move more strongly to the support of local charities. 

If you have an interest in these please visit the Grants page of this website for more details.