The Pye Foundation 


Pye Cathodeon Hollow Cathode Lamps in a Pye Unicam Spectrometer

Charitable Giving by The Foundation

At present, the bulk of our investment income is used to support about 35 local charities on an annual basis with their day to day costs as part of a long-term relationship.

Currently we are not inviting new applications in this category.

 We do however retain a small portion of funds each year to be able to respond to special one off appeals from other charities. In this context, we prefer that our grants make a difference, believing that it is desirable to prime pumps and to set people up to achieve something.

We regret that we will not normally support individual appeals.

Similarly, appeals relating to animal welfare, ecclesiastical buildings, faith enhancing projects, independent schools and international projects are outside our scope.

It should be noted that the amount available for one off appeals is quite small and we will not make a grant to any charity to which we have made a grant within the previous 3 years.

Grant Applications

Please use the following checklist before making an application.

You must be able to answer “YES” to the following questions

You must be able to answer “NO” to the following questions

A suitable Word document may be downloaded here, completed and e-mailed to Graham Wesson at 

You must show

1. Why you need the grant to achieve your objectives.

2. That you have the relevant expertise to achieve the objectives.

3. How you will measure the impact of your project.

4. What the costs involved are, and what money you are looking to the Pye Foundation to provide.

5. What will happen after any grant from the Pye Foundation has been used.